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Shopify SEO

SHOPTIFY is an SEO company from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire which specialise in Shopify SEO, Data Analysis and Shopify SEO training.

We have a simple business model. We increase organic traffic to your Shopify store. There’s no short-term, underhand trickery involved. Just the application of contemporary Shopify SEO principles with ‘old fashioned’ grunt work. Our aim is to make Google love you without paying them for the privilege!

We will help you make sense of your data

Of course, our results aren’t measurable unless we can track and report your traffic growth. So, we’ll set up Google’s tracking and reporting tools for your store the right way. Then you can see our progress, and receive truly useful, actionable data on a regular basis.

If you’re not confident to decipher the data (which quite frankly can be intimidating if this is all new to you),  SHOPTIFY can help you by providing either:

  • analytical training and support
  • developing easy to understand dashboards which present the data you need to know right now.

Need help with ads? We can do that too

Additionally, we can help you correctly configure Google Ads to complement your store’s organic traffic. This will give your site traffic a quick boost while the organic SEO slowly does it’s work in the background. I’ve seen too many clients waste money on Google Ads and even fail to configure Google Ads for conversion data! So there’s nothing to measure against your ad spend! Rest assured we’ll make sure everything is configured and tracked correctly before you spend any money.

Ready to Find Out More?

We want to be a bit different. We don’t want to be another faceless SEO agency. We want to be transparent and love to meet our clients face-to-face if possible! We’re in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.