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Shoptify Owner

David Wall

For 15 years I worked in Higher Education, lecturing in marketing, promotion and fashion. The role took dedication and discipline to maintain skill currency alongside all the responsibilities of running a degree course.

In fact, after battling for years to keep up, it finally dawned on me that it simply wasn’t possible to teach marketing tech and be up to date with the latest techniques and technologies. And being a conscientious soul, I hated the fact I wasn’t delivering the absolute best and most up-to-date content for my students!

Identify the needs of a very specific market…

Business guru Seth Godin said to succeed, you must: “Identify the needs of a very specific market”. So, I decided to focus on one service and avoid spreading myself too thinly. Just one. Shopify SEO.

Shopify SEO still requires a wide area of skills and knowledge but within the vast world of web marketing and web technology it is definitely focussed. Shopify SEO is a service where I’m confident I can offer the latest techniques in a rapidly changing field and deliver REAL value. The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, and I want my clients to have complete confidence that my skills are always targeted, current and valuable.

So, if you need a WordPress guru (hey, I built this site myself in WordPress!), a social media expert, or even a graphic designer, I can provide solid advice, but you’re not in the best place. After all, it’s nigh on impossible to truly be an expert at everything! However, if you need to optimise your Shopify store, you definitely are!

As I said SHOPTIFY exists to do one thing to the highest standard – Shopify SEO.

SHOPTIFY's Mission

  • NOTHING will be subcontracted
  • We will only use white hat SEO techniques
  • There will never be any hidden charges
  • We will never perform pushy up-sell methods
  • Will not take on a new Google Ads client who is in direct competition with a current SHOPTIFY client
  • We will provide sound advice to minimise your SEO expenses
  • We’ll never make unrealistic forecasts, even if this means not winning a potential contract (be very wary of SEO agencies promising the earth – it’s still the wild west out there!)
  • Keep technical jargon to an absolute minimum
  • To work as transparently as possible
  • Provide quality training
  • Be absolutely honest about timelines. We will not take on a new client if we are up to our eyeballs with work, even if this means losing a potential client!


We can safely say that E-Commerce and Shopify are here to stay. E-Commerce continues to grow rapidly and is an extraordinarily fluid business, with technologies and best practices consistently evolving.

We pledge to constantly work to keep up with these changes and help as many people and businesses as possible to build and maintain successful Shopify stores.

Our main objective is to get more cash-generating organic traffic to our clients’ stores without over-reliance on paid ads.

What's So Special About Us?

Shopify is a very good system for SEO straight out of the box. But nothing’s perfect! And there’s loads you can do to make Google ‘love’ you more without blowing 100% of your marketing budget on paid ads.

Take a look at our services and find out more…