Looking For More Quality Web Traffic to Your Shopify Store?

Gain Sustained Growth in Organic Traffic

SHOPTIFY provide focused services which work in synergy to increase quality traffic and revenue to your Shopify store.

Undoubtedly our core service is Shopify SEO. But how do you actually know if our SEO service is working for you? Perhaps you have a team, all with some marketing-related responsibilities. How do you know if their efforts are really working for you? Do you know where to look to find the answer or even know which questions to ask your team?

At SHOPTIFY we will set up clear reporting systems for you. So you can easily make sense of all this information, and provide insights into where to invest more budget and which areas may require a rethink…

After all, data is only useful if you know what to do with it!

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Shopify SEO

SHOPTIFY specialise in organically and ethically elevating your site in the search engine rankings. And keeping you there!

So what exactly is SEO?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of SEO, it is the process of getting your website listed on search engines like Google without paying them for Pay Per Click adverts (PPC). Shopify SEO simply means Search Engine Optimisation improvements that are more specific to Shopify than other website systems.

Is Shopify Any good at SEO?

While Shopify stores come with useful SEO features out of the box, the Shopify platform can also create SEO issues which need addressing for optimum performance. Shopify (or any) SEO can be a slow process and requires steady, consistent effort to rise in the search engine rankings. The time and effort required to achieve your ranking goals is directly dependant on how competitive the space on the search engine list is that you wish to occupy. But in almost all cases it is worth it!

Ads vs. SEO – which is best in 2023?

Ask most people in 2023 and they still put more trust in a search engine link over an ad. PPC can get you into the top 3 in search engine lists quickly – for a fee. But as soon as you stop paying Google for the privilege, you’ll instantly disappear off search engine result page 1! Most successful companies will combine both techniques within their marketing mix.

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Data Tracking & Reporting

“What gets measured gets managed”

I’ve worked with enough clients to figure out this famous quote actually isn’t true. A business may have Google Analytics and other tracking tools configured with their Shopify store, but Analytics generates so much data, the average small business owner simply hasn’t the time or expertise to decipher it all!

What can you do to solve this?

We’ll help by configuring the data from Google Analytics to create understandable, highly visual and bespoke data reports to your exact specification. If you’re not entirely sure what reports you need, we can have a chat and build a bespoke data dashboard for you which meets most clients needs. Then we can tweak it as and when to meet your needs.

Won’t this be expensive for me?

No! The great news is that your report will be a one-off fee. All subsequent reports will be free forever. The reports will be configured to land in your inbox whenever you like, and contain measurable and manageable data that you need and understand. Everything is accountable!

We truly want to make reports for you which provide genuinely useful, understandable and actionable data for you and your team.

What if I need different data in my reports later down the line?

No problem. For minor changes, we’ll fix or tweak your reports for free.

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SEO Training

We deliver short training sessions in-house or remotely to supplement our own Shopify SEO services. We want you to receive the best value possible from SHOPTIFY and protect your hard-earned search engine rankings.

By ensuring you and your employees are managing your shop in the right way, none of our hard work will be undone. Rest easy in the knowledge that your site will continue to grow and prosper.

Sometimes it might make sense for us to leave the SEO to you

We also want you to spend your marketing budget wisely. Keeping us at SHOPTIFY on to perform important but relatively simple tasks for your site may not be the most cost-effective way to work. So, if there are certain tasks which make more sense to tackle in-house, a few short confidence-boosting Shopify SEO training sessions may be the way to go!

We can provide in-house training sessions

In addition, if you have requested data tracking/reporting from us, it’s highly likely you will require a brief initial session to understand how to manipulate and make sense of the bespoke reporting dashboards we have built for you.

We can also provide in-house training sessions to get you up to speed even if you aren’t one of our current SEO clients. Contact us now for an informal chat about training options.


£575 per day.
£175 per extra trainee.
No hidden fees. Everything is inclusive.

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£400* Shopify MOT

Could this be the best £400* you ever spent on your Shopify business? For this we will provide:

  • Shopify basic site audit
  • Migrate Google Analytics UA (Universal Analytics) correctly to Google Analytics 4
  • Configure Google Search Console correctly and solve any common errors.
  • Configure an ‘essentials’ automated report via Google Data Studio to your inbox
  • An additional phone consultation if required. Approx. 30 mins

Enhanced MOT

We also provide an enhanced MOT. Please contact us for details. We will do the above and:

  • Configure purchase conversion tracking for Google Analytics 4 to your spec.
  • Set up Google Ads and your first search campaign
  • Ensure Google Ads purchase conversion tracking is configured correctly
  • Configure Google Tag Manager *note – as of March 2023 this has limited functionality on standard Shopify accounts
  • Configure and optimise the Shopify Google Channels app/Google Merchant Center/Google Ads (Shopping ads) so you can advertise shopping advertisement effectively on Google Ads AND gain free organic Google Shopping Ads.

Ready for a Traffic Boost?

We are flexible. If your budget is limited, we recommend purchasing the Shopify MOT, then agreeing on a weekly, monthly or ad-hoc contract. Call David for a chat today on 07915 665790 or send us a quick message.